Market and Sell

Current Market Value of Timber

Marketing timber and forest products through the Internet is a way to bring producers and markets together for everyone's benefit.

  • Forest2Market (F2M) proposes to "bring price transparency and increased efficiency to the stumpage market through the development of an on-line price collection and dissemination system." F2M uses a network of procurement foresters, wood buyers, and forestry consultants to estimate stumpage prices paid in actual timber sales. After critical review by F2M personnel, this information is then summarized by market area and made available to subscribers for on-line query and analysis.
  • Forestindustry provides its forest industry clients with a range of online support and Internet services, such as Web design and hosting, catalog development, and product promotion and marketing.
  • Forisk Consulting provides research, consulting, and educational services to operating, finance and strategy executives and analysts making decisions associated with timber REITs, timberlands, and wood-using energy and manufacturing facilities. We help our clients save time, reduce risk and enhance returns when they are buying, selling, building and changing mills, bioenergy plants, timberlands and publicly-traded forest industry equities.
  • Industry Intelligence presents in-depth information about the forest industry gathered. It features the latest news and commentary covering forestry and resource management, pulp and paper, wood products, recycling, public policy issues, and e-commerce.
  • allows users to create, post, and search for information about sales of forest resources and also related transactions. The website covers core products such as standing timber, logs, forest residue, and mill by-products in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Timber Mart-South offers South-wide average price information and market news.