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Doing Business with VDOF

The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) advertises Invitations For Bid (IFB), Requests For Proposal (RFP), Timber Sales | Request for Qualitification and Solicitations awarded by DPS on this website.

  • Vendors who wish to do business with VDOF must first register with eVA.
  • If eligible, vendors should also certify with the Department of Minority Business Enterprise as a Small, Women, or Minority Owned Business (SWAM).

Registering with eVA

All vendors wishing to register as a regular bidder must register with eVA to do business with VDOF. eVA is the Internet-based procurement system used by state agencies and institutions.

The eVA Mobile 4 Business app gives businesses immediate access to all bid opportunities and solicitations published on eVA’s public Virginia Business Opportunities (VBO) page. Find the app in the Apple and Android app stores by searching for eVA Mobile 4 Business or use your mobile browser to access the web version at

To register, follow these steps:

A registration fee will apply and other fees may be applicable. Basic and premium registration levels are offered. Vendors registered at the premium level will receive an e-mail “push” notification of requirements solicited by state agencies and institutions. In addition, many political subdivisions use eVA as their electronic order and delivery system.

The information submitted on the registration will be used in determining the types of materials, equipment, supplies, or services for which the vendor will receive solicitations. Each purchasing office reserves the right to verify the vendor's capability prior to making an award. It is the responsibility of each vendor to maintain a current and accurate registration account in eVA.

Vendors not registered with eVA who wish to respond to a State Agency solicitation and be considered for an award must register prior to award. All state agencies have access to the eVA Vendor List; however, they are not required to use it.

Helpful Contacts

VDOF ensures non-discrimination, equal opportunity and affirmative action in the hiring and employment practices of contractors and subcontractors.

Procurement questions: Amy Ricotta at 434.220.9009

Bid and Solicitation Information

Timber Sales

  • Catawba Hospital Timber Sale  [ Info | Contract ]
    Bids Due: 4/28/2021 @ 10:00 a.m.
    Contact Person: Ed Stoots
    Phone:  540/492-0152
    Bidders are required to contact Ed Stoots prior to visiting the property, and bidders maybe required to complete a questionnaire virtually no more than one day in advance of any visit to the property.

Invitation for Bids

  • IFB #411:A21000-07 (ZONE 1) [ Info ]
    IFB #411:A21000-08 (ZONE 2) [ Info ]
    IFB #411:A21000-09 (ZONE 3) [ Info ]

    Dry Hydrant Installation/Repair Program
    Mandatory Pre-Bid Call on 3/11/21 @ 10:30 AM (contact Fred Turck or Sandy Mills with questions)
    Call Info: 1.866.845.1266 (Code: 56002928)
    Bids Due to VDOF: On or Before 3/22/2021 @ 2 PM 
    Contact Person: Fred Turck
    Phone: 434.220.8052

  • IFB #411:21000-06 - State Forest & State-Owned Lands Tree Planting - 2021 Planting Season [ Info & Maps ]
    Bids Due: 01/21/2021 @ 2:00 PM
    Contact Person: Tom Zaebst, Cumberland State Forest
    Phone: 804.492.4121

  • IFB #411:A21000-02 - Aerial Forest Fire Suppression [ Info ]
    Helicopter w/Water Bucket – Spring 2021
    Bids Due:  12/09/2020 @ 2:00 PM
    Contact Person: Steve Counts
    Phone: 434.220.9065

  • IFB #411:A21000-04 - Riparian Buffer Project [ Info & Instructions for Virtual Conference ]
    Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference (Virtual) 01/12/2021 @ 12:30 PM
    Bids Due:  01/27/2021 @ 2:00 PM  
    Contact Person: Deya Ramsden
    Phone: 434.220.9071

Requests for Information

  • None at this time.

Requests for Proposals

  • RFP #411:A21000-03 - Forest Management Planning/Practices using Hardwood Assessment Tool [ Info ]
    Optional Pre-Bid Conference (Virtual) on 1/6/2021 (see details on RFP)
    Proposals Due:  01/20/2021
    Contact:  Dean Cumbia
    Phone:  434.220.9042

Request For Qualifications

  • None at this time.


  • None at this time.

Surplus Auctions and Excess Property

Surplus Auctions

  • None at this time.

Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP) Equipment

The Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP) permits the no-cost LOAN of equipment to rural Volunteer Fire Departments (VFDs). Equipment provided through the U.S. Forest Service Federal Excess Personal Property program is loaned to the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF), which then loans and tracks the equipment to VFDs. All equipment must be returned to the VDOF when it is no longer needed. For further information, contact the Resource Protection Team at 434.977.6555.

  • No equipment is available at this time.