Devil's Backbone State Forest

This 558-acre forest, located in Shenandoah County, was a gift to the commonwealth and is used for education and demonstration, research, timber production, watershed protection and a wildlife sanctuary. The main research focus has been for the restoration of the American Chestnut.

  • Forest tree types: The Devil's Backbone State Forest tree species include: white oak, chestnut oak, scarlet oak, black oak, Virginia pine, red maple, tablemountain pine, black gum, pignut hickory and black birch. The other distinct forest cover is a Southern Pine forest containing mainly loblolly pine and Virginia pine.
  • Hunting: Not permitted on the forest.
  • Horseback Riding: Not permitted on the forest.
  • Parking and access: The Devil's Backbone State Forest is not open to the public.

About the State Forest System

State Forests provide a working demonstration of forests and forest management techniques. The Virginia State Forest System follows these forest management guidelines:

  • Contribute to the conservation of biological diversity of the forest and the landscape in which it resides.
  • Maintain or improve the productive capacity of the forest.
  • Maintain the health and vigor of the forest, its landscape and its watershed.
  • Provide resources for cleaner air by absorbing carbon dioxide, known as carbon cycles.
  • Provide socioeconomic benefits.
  • Protect soil productivity and water quality.

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