Channels State Forest

Channels State Forest is located in Washington and Russell Counties, 15 miles north of Abingdon. The Channels Natural Area Preserve is located on the crest of the mountain and includes The Great Channels of Virginia sandstone outcrop. Read and download our brochure on the Channels State Forest (English; PDF format).

  • Parking: Available in the area on Route 80.
  • Hunting: Permitted on the Channels State Forest.
  • Prohibited: All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Camping.
  • Lat-Long: 36° 49’ 40.9”, 81° 57’ 43.5 ”

Horesback Riding | Hunting

State Forest Use Permit

A State Forest Use Permit may be required for visitors to the state forests.

A State Forest Use Permit is not required for forest visitors who practice the following activities on a state forest:

  • walking
  • Hiking
  • Geocaches
    • Brumley Mountain Trail - Route 80 Parking (GC3TG6A) which is at N 36° 51.865 W 081° 56.818. It is a small metal container tied to a tree just below the parking area.
    • Brumley Mountain Trail - Mile 1 (GC3TG6E) which is at N 36° 51.863 W 081° 57.594. It is a small plastic container in the center of a clump of trees across from the DCR sign, just before the 1 mile marker.
    • Brumley Mountain Trail - Large Rock #1 (GC3TG6K) which is at N 36° 52.085 W 081° 58.386. It is a small plastic container at the end of a fallen tree, just to the right of the first large rock you come to at a switchback, close to 2 miles on the trail.
    • An earthcache does not have a physical container, but teaches an earth science lesson. Channels Natural Area Preserve (GC3TG5Z) at N 36° 52.266 W 081° 58.766.
  • boating

Hours of Operation / Scheduling

To ensure your safety, read our state forest regulations before visiting a forest.

  • Specific questions about The Channels? Zach Olinger, 276.236.2322. ZACHARY.OLINGER@DOF.VIRGINIA.GOV
  • Channels State Forest is open daily from dawn to dusk. Email the forest personnel.


Hunting is permitted on the Channels State Forest. All persons, except those legally exempt under Virginia law, must carry a valid Virginia hunting license AND a State Forest Use Permit to hunt or trap on the forest.

State Forest hunting regulations and seasons follow those of the county in which the State Forest is located. Check the Virginia Department Of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) Hunting & Trapping Regulations and Information for special restrictions on State Forest lands, such as Either-Sex Deer Hunting Days.

Wear blaze orange during hunting season.

Horseback Riding

  • Horses are permitted on the forest.
  • Coggins Test Certificates must be available for each horse on State lands.
  • We recommend that equestrians dismount and lead their horse over bridges and across streams.

About the State Forest System

State Forests provide a working demonstration of forests and forest management techniques. The Virginia State Forest System follows these forest management guidelines:

  • Contribute to the conservation of biological diversity of the forest and the landscape in which it resides.
  • Maintain or improve the productive capacity of the forest.
  • Maintain the health and vigor of the forest, its landscape and its watershed.
  • Provide resources for cleaner air by absorbing carbon dioxide, known as carbon cycles.
  • Provide socioeconomic benefits.
  • Protect soil productivity and water quality.

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