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You'll love our seedlings!

Buy Tree Seedlings

The Virginia Department of Forestry has been growing seedlings for Virginia landowners for more than 90 years. We offer a variety of pine and spruce species, such as Eastern white pine and loblolly pine, as well as dozens of hardwood varieties used to establish timber stands, pulpwood crops, Christmas tree plantations, wildlife habitats, stream bank stabilization, urban forests, biodiversity and improvement of watersheds.

Want to know why Virginia trees are your best choice?

We offer both a catalog order program, as well as a reforestation order program.

  • If you are looking to order less than 1000 trees and/or would like to have your trees shipped to you, then you should order through our catalog order program.
  • If you are looking to purchase more than 1,000 trees for reforestation and would like to pick up your trees at our nursery, then you should order through our reforestation order program.

Last modified: Thursday, 06-Nov-2014 10:36:00 EST