Managment Goal: Improve Wildlife Habitat

Developing habitats for wildlife is one of the goals landowners choose for their property. Habitat is simply the place where an animal lives; each individual species needs habitats that provide food, water, cover, and space.

Forests, farms, wetlands and other types of landscapes contribute to the basic needs of Virginia's wildlife.

Wildlife Habitat Management

Visit Virginia Cooperative Education's Wildlife Information site. Here are just a few of the topics they cover:

  • Feeding Wild Birds
  • Low-Cost Slant Fence Excludes Deer from Plantings
  • Management of Wood Ducks on Private Lands and Waters
  • Managing Wildlife Damage
  • Planting and Managing Switchgrass for Forage
  • Wildlife and Conservation
  • Supplemental Income from Wildlife on Your Land
  • Sustaining America's Aquatic Biodiversity

A Landowner's Guide to Wildlife Abundance through Forestry.

Woodland Wildlife Management.

Additional Information