Donating a Conservation Easement
To the Virginia Department of Forestry

Donating an easement takes many steps and requires the cooperation and coordination of multiple parties over many months. Please keep in mind that the procedure will be slightly different for each property.

Landowners interested in completing an easement donation within the current calendar year should begin the process as early as possible, by September at the latest. The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) will make every effort to complete easements in a timely manner.

The donation process is completely voluntary, and you are under no obligation to grant the easement until the completed easement deed is signed. You may change your mind at any time up to that point.

The VDOF is a qualified holder of conservation easements.  Landowners that wish to conserve their forest lands and who are interested in sustainable forest management should consider a gift of easement to the VDOF.  Donations to the VDOF are eligible for all of the tax benefits described above as well as the added benefit that the forest will be managed under the guidance of the state agency that has been working to improve and protect Virginia’s forests for almost 100 years.

Property Criteria

The VDOF conservation easement program is focused on conserving working forest lands throughout Virginia.  In order to make efficient use of limited state resources we have established the following minimum criteria for properties:

  • Properties should be at least 50 acres
  • Properties should be at least 75% wooded
  • The landowner’s goals should include sustainable forest management.

Other properties may be considered based on our ability to manage the easement and the property’s potential to contribute to forest conservation.

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