Agriculture and Forestal Districts

A minimum of 200 acres (with one or more landowners) is required in order to form a District and only landowners can initiate the formation of Agricultural and Forestal Districts. Landowners petition their county administrator or planning commission to establish the district. This process varies slightly from county to county, but usually the planning commission and the Board of Supervisors hold public hearings before deciding to establish a district. Once established, any property within a mile of the district can be added to the district.

Lanowners sign voluntary agreements with locality and the properties receive use-value taxation and some protection of rural use.  In exchange, the landowners agree not to develop the properties for a period ranging from 4-10 years. These agreements can be renewed on an ongoing basis.

This program allows for more focused conservation than the county-wide land-use tax. Ag/Forestal districts place greater restriction on what properties can be enrolled and place a greater burden on the landowners to establish the district and to renew it.  Because fewer landowners can take advantage of these districts, they may place less of a burden on the localities.

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