Prescribed Fire and Smoke Management

Course Outline

Day 1

Time Course Instructor
0900-1000 Registration  
1000-1030 Introduction
Overview of Course
Course Materials
Fred Turck
1030-1200 Environmental Effects
Vegetation, Soil and Water
How fire helps achieve objectives
Rick Myers/Shep Zedaker
1200-1300 Lunch  
1300-1415 Environmental Effects (cont)
Seasonal and Periodic
Specific Silvicultural (ie. Longleaf/oak)
Fire as a wildlife (non-game) management tool
Rick Myers/Shep Zedaker
1415-1515 Fire Breaks
Fire as a wildlife (game) management tool
Steve Capel
1515-1530 Break  
1530-1700 The Chemistry of Fire and Smoke Production Fred Turck

Day 2

Time Course Instructor
0800-0830 Review  
0830-1030 Fire Behavior Claiborne Woodall
1030-1045 Break  

Obtaining Weather Information Phillip Manuel
1145-1230 Smoke Management ….. Health and Visibility Fred Turck
1230-1330 Lunch  
1330-1430 Smoke Management …… Mitigation Richard Thomas
1430-1530 Tactics and Firing Techniques Fred Turck
1530-1545 Break  
1545-1700 Exercise  

Day 3

Time Course Instructor
0800-0830 Review Fred Turck
0830-0930 Extreme Fire Conditions (case study) Larry Cochran
0930-1030 Safety Richard Thomas
1030-1045 Break  
1045-1215 The Law
How we got to where we are today.
Virginia Legislation
Liability and Negligence (outside speaker??)
Fred Turck
1215-1300 Lunch  
1300-1400 Plan Preparation Fred Turck
1400 Exam  

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