Wildfire and Fire Safety

The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) protects our forest resources from fire. Our main goals are:

  • prevent injury or loss of human life
  • minimize property damage
  • protect the forest resources.

Learn more about our Forest Protection Program.

Spring Wildfire Season

February 15 - April 30
During this period, the 4PM Burn Law is in effect.

  • DO NOT light fires until 4PM.
  • DO NOT stir up the fire or add new fuel after Midnight.
  • Can I burn...? Burning and the 4 PM Law

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Fire Safety


Wildfire Prevention

Firewise Virginia- Complete information to make your home, property and community safe from wildfire.

Help make your subdivision firewise by using this sample guideline for subdivision ordinances.

Wildfire Education

Hear the story of Smokey Bear! eLearning for Kids about Smokey Bear. Take a look at the Story of Smokey Bear in an interactive eLearning format. Children of all ages will enjoy the story. Comments or suggestions? Contact Fred Turck.

All About Smokey Bear.

Click here to learn more about Fire PreventionGet started in Prevention Education

Wildfire Prevention Educationfor teachers.

Programs and Services

Emergencies - Prepare and Respond

Regional and National Information

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Weather Information
Detailed weather information is available from several websites.

Wildfire Information
Daily Report - shows wildfire activity as reported to our offices. Fire risk and year-to-date information included. Updated each workday.

Local Burn Bans and Restrictions
See if where you live has restrictions in place.

Fire Laws
Browse a list of fire laws in Virginia.

Fire Danger Rating
We explain the fire danger rating system in easy-to-understand terms.

KBDI Drought Index
This measurement helps us determine fire danger.