Virtual Tour of the Forest: Young Hardwood

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This stand of hardwood trees is three years old. When a hardwood forest is disturbed by fire, insects, disease, or timber harvest, young hardwood stands will develop naturally.

All the hardwood trees were harvested from this site three years ago using the clearcut method - where all the trees are harvested at one time. The new stand of trees has developed from stump or root sprouts and seeds from the trees of the previous stand.

The clearcut is one of the most successful methods of reproducing hardwood forests where white oak regeneration is desired.

A forest is a busy place with the interaction of plants, trees, and many different animals.

Things are always happening in the forest. In this forest ecosystem all the living organisms, both plants and animals, interact with each other and with the soil and climate.

Plants and animals grow and die in the ever-changing circle of life.

The dominant plants in the forest ecosystem are trees and they greatly influence all the other plants and animals.

Each age of forest and tree species have a variety of wildlife which nest, feed or seek shelter in that specific habitat.

Young Hardwood - Wildlife