Reforestation of Timberlands (RT)

Program Description and Requirements

Trees are good for you and good for Virginia. In addition to their monetary value, trees provide useful wood, jobs and homes for wildlife. Trees hold the soil, yield fresh air and are simply beautiful. If you have land (cutover land or worn out fields) that is not producing for you, an investment in pine trees can yield many benefits. Financial assistance is available for growing pines through the Virginia Reforestation of Timberlands program. This statewide program managed by the Virginia Department of Forestry provides cost-share assistance to landowners for pine reforestation, and is funded by the forest industry in Virginia with matching funds from the Commonwealth of Virginia's General Fund.

Follow these steps for a successful new pine forest, and RT cost-share assistance can help:

Plan It - Start with a plan for your land. Contact the Virginia Department of Forestry to discuss your goals, your land and your options. Then, develop a plan for your forest to help you meet your goals and to apply for assistance.

Prep It - Pines need lots of sun and room to grow. Prepare the land first so that the new trees will thrive. Just like a farmer always prepares the land before planting a crop, you need to do the same for your crop of pines. It will make a big difference when you harvest the crop, and your forester can show you how.

Plant It - Today’s pine seedlings come from trees that are the “best of the best.” They grow much faster, taller and straighter than trees in the wild. VDOF’s nurseries take great care to produce high-quality seedlings that are just right for growing conditions here in Virginia. Your forester will help you find a tree planting crew or show you how to plant.

Care for It - Ensure competition is controlled and your seedlings are free to grow.

The Reforestation of Timberlands (RT) program has been helping Virginia landowners grow pines for more than 40 years. It can cost from $70 to $200 per acre to put in a crop of pines. The RT program reimburses landowners for a portion of the costs associated with getting pines started right. Your VDOF Forester can help you apply for the forest management practices that are best suited for your property.

Approved Projects Qualifying for RT Assistance

Effective July 1, 2018, the incentive payments to landowners for approved projects are:

  • Project 1: Planting loblolly or Virginia pine - $22 per acre.
  • Project 2: Planting shortleaf, white, pitch-loblolly, or longleaf pine - $60 per acre.
  • Project 3: Site preparation - Mechanical - $60 per acre.
  • Project 4: Site preparation - Herbicide - pine and hardwood - $50 per acre.
  • Project 5: Site Preparation - Herbicide - hardwood only - $30 per acre.
  • Project 6: Site preparation - Prescribe burn - $35 per acre.
  • Project 7: Aerial Herbicide release application for all pines except white - $18 per acre.
  • Project 8: Herbicide release application for white pine - $45 per acre.
  • Project 9: Ground release application - $45 per acre.

Signup is continuous and starts May 1 for the program year starting July 1. The projects must be maintained for 10 years. .

Special Notes: More than one project type may be used if recommended by VDOF Forester. Assistance shall not exceed 75 percent of the actual cost for any project. There is a limit of 100 acres of land per tract (a single property according to county records); 100 acres per program year (July 1 – June 30) per landowner (tax identification entity), and three (30) projects per parcel of land.

Apply for RT Cost-Share Assistance

RT Funds are allocated to VDOF work areas throughout the state and RT funding is approved and obligated based upon the date the trees were havested, thenon a "first come, first served" basis. Contact your local forester to complete and submit an application even if funds have been obligated. If an approved project is cancelled, funds may become available. If your application has been submitted to the local forester, it is possible your project may be approved and funded.

*All programs, activities, and services of the conservation partnership are available to people on a nondiscriminatory basis regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, physical ability, political affiliation, and marital or familial status. We are all equal opportunity employers.

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