The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) works to ensure that forests and the waters that flow from them are protected today and for future generations.

Land Conservation

Conserving forest land is a major concern of Virginia landowners. We offer tools and resources to help landowners achieve this goal.

  • Conservation easements allow you to protect your land from development while reducing the taxes you pay
  • Incentive programs offered by state and federal agencies help offset the costs of implementing a conservation activity
  • Century Forest Program allows us to recognize and honor those individuals or families who have made a long-term commitment to enhancing the environment and protecting the quality of life for their fellow Virginians through forestry. Chapter 6 of the 2016 Acts of Assembly established the Century Forest Program. To be eligible for Century Forest recognition, the property must:
    • Have been owned by the same family for at least one hundred (100) consecutive years;
    • Include at least twenty (20) contiguous acres of managed forest;
    • Be lived on or actually managed by a descendant of the original owners, and
    • Have a documented history of timber harvests or forest management activities.

Water Conservation

The VDOF plays an important role in water quality in Virginia. Our activities include:

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